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You know, I love my babies. I really do.

But right now I want to kill them.

Last night I finally finished knitting my ‘draft stopper.’ It looked great. It was twice as wide and about as long as a standard scarf. Even though it is to be felted, I decided that blocking it would help me seam it without too much hassle. It’s stockinette stitch so it rolls something awful. Finding the edges to seam them would be a huge challenge.

So I set a towel out on my sewing machine, wet the piece and begin the painstaking process of pinning it down. When I was finished, I went off to play on the computer for a few minutes.

When I returned, the piece was hanging off the edge of the dryer, pins all willy nilly. That was bad enough. Oh no, apparently one of my cats decided to take a stitch or two with him. There was a huge pull and resulting hole in the work.

And even though, I know that I’m felting the piece and it’ll never be noticeable, it still broke my heart. I had worked for weeks on this project and was so proud of it.

Cats and knitting are two things that always seem to go together, even though they never should. *sigh*

I should finish the seaming tonight and will felt it this weekend. Completion post will follow. Until then, I will get my revenge on my cats by cuddling them when they don’t want to be cuddled.

I know, living with me is rough!


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