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Knitting Clean UP

Ack! The knitting projects have gotten out of control!

A lot of my knitting gets done around others. While RPGing, while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, while watching OU throw the BCS into chaos by winning the Big XII Championship, while waiting for Matt to finish working on his car at his parents’ house, etc.

This means that when knitting xmas presents, I have to be conscious of what I’m knitting in front of whom. And I keep screwing up and starting another project, just to have something to knit. (The very act of not knitting could be suspicious to my friends and loved ones!)

So I now have 2 washcloths, a dishtowel, the draft stopper and another Jayne hat all in various degrees of “just started.” That can get frustrating. I thrive on accomplishment so small, easy to finish projects are best for me.

So I’m focusing today on finishing projects and preparing my knitting bag with several projects.

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