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Back and Better

So, I haven’t posted for awhile. I return to make amends!

I think I have a good excuse, though.

I bought a house!

A real house that’s made of brick and that’s not falling down and doesn’t leak and its ALL MINE! This has been a lofty goal of mine for some time; however, I’ve been recovering my credit from my college days of poor money management. That’s a story for another time, though. So I have worked hard and it has paid off!

In addition to this, Matt, my partner for 3.5 years will be moving in with me. It means that my kitties are going to have to go live with my mom which is a huge sacrifice for all of us. But I hope that it will go well and be worth it.

We close this Thursday and we have to paint the entire thing before moving in. Its a lot of work but I’m so excited.

So, I wasn’t sure if with my absence and this being such a new blog if I should just give it up entirely or if I should come back to it.

Obviously I decided to return. However, I think that I will expand my topics a bit; not limit myself to just fat acceptance and knitting. I have lots of interesting things to talk about. Knitting and fat acceptance just happen to be two of my favorite topics.

Onward and upward then. I promise to kick off my return in the coming week with pictures of the house, pictures of the Ravelry knitting swap that I am expecting in the mail any day now and lots more!

For those still listening, thanks for sticking around and see you in the blogosphere!


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The Next Stage

FYI, Femmeknitzi is now officially an open-comment blog.

Now that I’ve established a reasonable comment policy, I feel confident about opening up the blog to anyone who wishes to post comments.

Keep in mind that comments which violate the policy will be deleted. That includes trolls, diet talk and fat haters. I will also delete comments that raise issues I have already addressed in the Rules section. I don’t like to repeat myself.

So, comments ho!

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