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Big Damn Heroes

I wouldn’t call it the reason I started knitting, but it was definitely high on the list of projects to complete once I became a knitter.

Its the perfect juxtaposition of a tough guy who loves his mother. I’m pleased to offer the Jayne Hat by Liz:

The pattern is from Carissa Knits but I did make some changes.

Since this is a gift for a comic book nerd, being canon was essential. Going for total veracity, I used dingy 70s acrylic yarn to bring out the true Jayneness of the hat.

I also checked the DVD episode “Message” where Jayne receives the hat and nixed the red. The brighter orange isn’t even really quite right but I thought the earflaps needed some variety.

Finally, I made the earflaps two stitches wider and about 5 rows longer. I went ahead and decreased two stitches (k2tog), one at each end, for the last three rows before binding off to give it a rounded, rather than a square look. So the last three  rows would be as follows:

Row 1: S1, k2tog, k to end, k2 together

Row 2: S1, p2tog, p to end, p2 together

Row 3: Repeat 1st row


This hat will be gifted in a wooden box with straw, cookies and a ‘letter from Mom.’ 🙂

And I’ve already been requested to make another!


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