Knit Wit

Three years ago, someone taught me the knit stitch. And that’s all I thought there was to knitting!

I started a scarf in garter stitch with no pattern. About that time I met Matt. I started KIP to impress him.

Flash forward three years. The scarf is long, too wide (co 44 stitches) and I haven’t touched it in months. Then, Matt’s mother passes on to me a bag full of knitting materials. Yarn, circular needles, dpns, even a homemade knitting spool!

What are all these strange items and how in the world are they used for knitting? Answering that question, I accidentally taught myself spool knitting. And I discover websites that teach you all these other techniques. Before I know it, I’ve learned the purl stitch, how to read a pattern and I haven’t looked back since!

Now, being so enlightened, I unraveled the crazy wide scarf, finished it and gave it to Matt as a gift. We joked that since it began our relationship, finishing it might end the relationship but he wears it now proudly and we are still happily together.

Today, he’s not as impressed with my knitting as when we first met. He’s more of a knitting widower. When he needs attention though, he pulls on my work with his toes and I know its time to put it down and cuddle.

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