Dramatis Personae

My Neurotic Mother (MNM)–Somewhere between Steel Magnolia and helicopter parent, my mother raised me alone. Because we were so close growing up, I had to move away for school to establish my own independence. I got stuck here in the Heartland and she left everything behind to be with me. She drives me crazy but I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Matt–my partner in crime and my rock. If I could be half as good of a person has he, I’d be better than I ever thought possible. That’s not just yucky love talk–I’m not much for any of that. Its just true. I knew that I had met the right person when he showed up to the event I put together in college featuring feminist author, Inga Muscio.

Mini Me–my little sister is 12 years younger than me and lives far away. I miss her every day and was thrilled to have her come stay with me this summer. We taught each other knitting techniques. It was awesome.

Felines–Instead of children, I have cats. To which my perfect partner is allergic. *sigh* Nonetheless, my furballs are my babies. Bell Pepper and Pippin are both American Shorthairs that I rescued. They are 6 and 4, respectively.

That Other Community (TOC)– Yes, I belong to another blogging community. I’ve blogged there for about 7 years now. When it began, I was a junior in college and still had so much growing up to do. I’ve gotten so comfortable there that it really is nothing but a glut of ‘the first thing to pop into my head.’ You can only vomit that shit on people for so long before you begin to disappoint. So this is my fresh start. A grown-up blog.

No, there is no cross-over. Those are two worlds I’d prefer did not mix. A lot of people there don’t understand my fat acceptance convictions and only a few of them care about knitting.

So I’m thrilled for a chance to build a new community based on my two biggest interests!

Mysterious Miyagi–I can’t remember who my original Mr. Miyagi is. Back in the Strange Brew (a defunct OKC coffee shop) days, someone taught me that infamous knit stitch. Speak up!

Women’s Outreach Center (WOC)–I served my graduate assistantship at a college outreach center, where I developed as a feminist. I planned events, wrote grants and organized grass roots efforts for sexual assault prevention, body image, eating disorders and many other issues. I have never in my life found a more supportive environment and I still keep in touch with many of the women who touched my life while there.

Current Cubicle Coordinates–I work as a financial literacy outreach coordinator for the State of Oklahoma. I teach people how to make good financial decisions about budgeting, credit, savings and other personal finance topics. I believe strongly that financial literacy is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. This is a public blog; however, so there won’t be much mention of work. But that’s what I do during the 8 hours a day that I don’t knit.

More to come….

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