This is a fat positive, size positive pro-feminist, body image blog. Naturally, confidence inspires cynicism in many. We now have an open comment policy; however, comments in this forum are moderated primarily to eliminate hate-filled speech which does not further a conversation and to weed out repetitive arguments.

First and foremost, consider holding your comment on any given post until you have read the following:

Don’t You Realize Fat is Unhealthy? from ShapelyProse

Fat Rant with Joy Nash

Junkfood Science’s Obesity Paradox Series

Frequent Weight Loss leads to health complications

Shapely Prose’s BMI Project

BABle’s list of reasons why Diets Don’t Work

Obesity Myths

Health at Every Size and why it works

First, Do No Harm and the consequences of allowing prejudice to affect doctor’s ability to properly do their jobs

After you’ve read through that list of extensive, well-researched arguments against the diet industry and media-influenced fat-hatred and you still have something to say, here are a few things that we’ve heard before.

All you have to do is eat right and exercise.

To which I will respond: “Read the list above.” And to which I will also add, been there done that. Ask the people in the fat acceptance movement and you’ll find people who have tried every possible diet, diet company, diet book and diet trick imaginable. And no, we weren’t lying about the cough drops. We really did them. They don’t work.

If it were really that easy, why would there be a $30 billion diet industry?

I lost weight and if I can do it, you can do it.

Actually, it does not work that way. All our bodies are different. There are people who will diet and will see results. There are a hell of a lot fewer people who will still be enjoying those results five years down the road. If you happen to be in that miniscule percentile, then good for you. But, frankly, you’re a freak. No really, its rare. So rare that we need massive amounts of diet propaganda to convince us that its possible for everyone.

Dieting is effectively starving your body. Your body has a set point range. If you attempt to diet beyond that range or attempt to diet into a body shape that you were not born with, you are fighting a losing battle against your body’s natural survival instincts. I’d rather be healthy and fat than thin and in constant conflict with my own body.

Isn’t this just another liberal assault on society in an attempt to turn us into a politically correct nation?

Yes. And as annoying as it is to be nice to people, its worth it.

Here’s what I want you to do. Go watch the movie, The Color Purple. In particular, I want you to watch the scene where Miss Millie (the white mayor’s wife) takes Sofia (her black, beaten down servant) back to see her family for the first time in 8 years.

In that scene, Miss Millie let’s her prejudice turn to fear and she panics, demanding that Sofia take her back home, robbing Sofia of her family Christmas. There is a moment in that scene when Miss Millie stares into Sofia’s eyes and you can see that she knows exactly what she is doing. In that moment, Miss Millie understands the hatred that’s driving her, the injustice that she is enacting upon Sofia and she does it anyway.

Miss Millie isn’t an evil person. None of us are, but we all have the capacity for great love and great hatred. But we are no longer allowed, in our society, to treat people of any color in that manner. Nor does the law allow us to treat homosexuals or women in a degrading fashion. But our capacity for hatred still exists and those who can’t control it, have to aim it somewhere. And in a world where we produce more than enough surplus food to feed every hunger mouth in the world, would politics and equality allow it, the obvious target for our hatred has become fat people.

And if the only way to squeeze that hatred out of our world is to tighten our belt (pardon the irony) around the prejudice until it has nowhere left to go and it must implode onto itself, then so be it.

You can call it PC if you like. I call it choosing to care, choosing what’s right and choosing love.

I’ll continue adding to this list of questions but these are so far, the ones I expect to encounter most. I welcome open, kind criticism to our fat acceptance principles. However, if you’re beating the dead horse, I will delete your comment.

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