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Oh yeah, knitting.

Wow, I haven’t blogged about knitting in awhile. Mainly because I’ve been lazy about getting the pictures of my recently finished projects off my phone.

But I haven’t slowed down yet. Just finished a pair of beautiful alpaca fingerless gloves. Right now I’m working on baby garments for a friend and a scarf made from a beautiful handspun yarn.

Its the baby shirt that I’ve been working on that taught me a lesson that I wanted to share it with you.

Bamboo is a wonderful, arguably sustainable material that is versatile, cheap and beautiful.  But as a circular needle it sucks the ponies out of a horse’s balls. Yeah, that bad.

I had a nice pair of Crystal Palace bamboo circulars #8 and while I never found them very easy to use, they were just okay. But then I paired them with a berrocco acrylic blend that  is very prone to splitting. I was having to stop every three stitches to individually place each stitch on the needle. Then, the wood even started to splinter which made it nearly impossible to knit smoothly! And although I couldn’t prove it, I swear one needle was bigger than the other!

So I gave in and dropped $15 on a pair of Addi Turbo metal needles in the same size so that I could finish my project in peace and relative speed. Wow, what a difference! The joins are seamless! I recommend them over anything else I’ve tried. I have a few pairs of cheap plastic circulars which are just fine, but nothing is as sexy and sleek as these Addi needles.  I hardly ever have to pause my knitting to push the stitches!

I am definitely a fan and wanted to share for anyone who hasn’t tried these.


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