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Finally! I have finished object pictures!

Granted some are a bit outdated, since I’ve finished a few things before Christmas even.

The first is a picture of my Fetching gloves made with Plymouth Baby Alpaca in a grey and pink combo. This was my first knitting project I made for myself. They’re uber soft and warm, I love them!

I’m making Matt a pair of Dashing to match with the same yarn in a blue/green combo.

Next up, we have the first in my new garment line! No, I’m not trying out for Project Runway or anything. And as garments go, the construction of this one is pretty basic. It’s one of those things that is really easy but looks really complicated. Anyway, I call it the Baby Hootchie Halter, although I hear that Knitty calls it Katja. Because, really isn’t infancy the only time that hootchie is cute? 😉

Now, lacking a proper model, I knew I could try to get my cats to model but seeing as I’d probably lose large quantities of skin, I decided I needed to improvise. So Gizmo agreed to step in.

Also shown with Gizmo are the Mary Janes that I am working on to go with the Baby Hootchie Halter. I have this one finished and I’m working on the match. I’m actually worried that these are too small as Gizmo could barely fit them. Granted he’s got giant webbed feet, but still. So I think I’m going to take my needle size up and knit a second pair. That way, the baby that I’m gifting these for will have a pair to grow into!

Katja, the pattern also comes with several different sizes and it was so easy to knit that if Mom and Baby like it, I can keep it growing with her too.

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Knitting Clean UP

Ack! The knitting projects have gotten out of control!

A lot of my knitting gets done around others. While RPGing, while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, while watching OU throw the BCS into chaos by winning the Big XII Championship, while waiting for Matt to finish working on his car at his parents’ house, etc.

This means that when knitting xmas presents, I have to be conscious of what I’m knitting in front of whom. And I keep screwing up and starting another project, just to have something to knit. (The very act of not knitting could be suspicious to my friends and loved ones!)

So I now have 2 washcloths, a dishtowel, the draft stopper and another Jayne hat all in various degrees of “just started.” That can get frustrating. I thrive on accomplishment so small, easy to finish projects are best for me.

So I’m focusing today on finishing projects and preparing my knitting bag with several projects.

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You know, I love my babies. I really do.

But right now I want to kill them.

Last night I finally finished knitting my ‘draft stopper.’ It looked great. It was twice as wide and about as long as a standard scarf. Even though it is to be felted, I decided that blocking it would help me seam it without too much hassle. It’s stockinette stitch so it rolls something awful. Finding the edges to seam them would be a huge challenge.

So I set a towel out on my sewing machine, wet the piece and begin the painstaking process of pinning it down. When I was finished, I went off to play on the computer for a few minutes.

When I returned, the piece was hanging off the edge of the dryer, pins all willy nilly. That was bad enough. Oh no, apparently one of my cats decided to take a stitch or two with him. There was a huge pull and resulting hole in the work.

And even though, I know that I’m felting the piece and it’ll never be noticeable, it still broke my heart. I had worked for weeks on this project and was so proud of it.

Cats and knitting are two things that always seem to go together, even though they never should. *sigh*

I should finish the seaming tonight and will felt it this weekend. Completion post will follow. Until then, I will get my revenge on my cats by cuddling them when they don’t want to be cuddled.

I know, living with me is rough!


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Big Damn Heroes

I wouldn’t call it the reason I started knitting, but it was definitely high on the list of projects to complete once I became a knitter.

Its the perfect juxtaposition of a tough guy who loves his mother. I’m pleased to offer the Jayne Hat by Liz:

The pattern is from Carissa Knits but I did make some changes.

Since this is a gift for a comic book nerd, being canon was essential. Going for total veracity, I used dingy 70s acrylic yarn to bring out the true Jayneness of the hat.

I also checked the DVD episode “Message” where Jayne receives the hat and nixed the red. The brighter orange isn’t even really quite right but I thought the earflaps needed some variety.

Finally, I made the earflaps two stitches wider and about 5 rows longer. I went ahead and decreased two stitches (k2tog), one at each end, for the last three rows before binding off to give it a rounded, rather than a square look. So the last three  rows would be as follows:

Row 1: S1, k2tog, k to end, k2 together

Row 2: S1, p2tog, p to end, p2 together

Row 3: Repeat 1st row


This hat will be gifted in a wooden box with straw, cookies and a ‘letter from Mom.’ 🙂

And I’ve already been requested to make another!

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Xmas Knits


I didn’t think I’d have time to knit much in the way of xmas presents since I really just picked it back up early this fall. But I did commit to making my mom a few dishtowels and wash cloths to go with her recently remodeled kitchen.

Since those knit up in literally one night, I started to think that maybe I could get a few things done. So I started this project, which will be a Draft Stopper for my mom’s drafty back door.  It will be felted, seamed and filled with kitty litter.

I’ve also decided to tackle a Jayne Cobb hat for my friend David.

From there I might be able to crank out the extra 5 washcloths I’d need to add to my co-workers’ gift bags.

And yes, I’m a brat. I can’t wait to get all that crap finished, so I can knit my own damn self something from this beautiful Alpaca!

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