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Uninformed Mayor Puts OKC on a Diet

I live in the heart of Oklahoma City, in a district called the Asian District. It’s barely the Asian District anymore as the generations of vietnamese who came to OKC as refugees are getting older and their American children are moving off to nicer neighborhoods.

There are no sidewalks in my neighborhood. I have heard gunshots on my street corner. The street I drive to get home–a snow route no less–is crumbling and patches can’t keep up with it. I work for the state so I did not get a raise this year. The city just forced its school superintendent and board chairman to resign.

But what does our distinguished Mayor, Mick Cornett want to make this city’s priority? Losing weight.

That’s right Mayor Mick Cornett has challenged Oklahoma City residents to lose 1 million pounds this year. And how does he propose that we do this? Why, by going on a diet of course!

Look at that website! He’s actually promoting weight loss companies, even diet supplements that he has no idea what they contain or how they could be harmful! That’s just what Oklahomans need, Mayor Cornett. More misinformation.

It physically pains me to think about a city being run by someone who would make this sort of a health declaration without doing his homework. How could a politician influence his community to do something that is actually detrimental to their health?

Here is my message to Mayor Cornett: Diets Don’t Work. And the BMI is a joke.

Mayor, you really want your city to be healthy? Why not start by promoting the retail sale of local Oklahoma grown products? The Oklahoma Food Cooperative is nowhere on your list of ‘diets’ and if you want the city to eat healthy, why not start with eating fresh.

Why not fund and expand fresh farmer’s markets? There are only two in the city year round–one all the way in Edmond and the other at OSU-OKC. Why not have one in Midwest City and expand the downtown farmer’s market to be year round.

Why not promote the safety of city parks? Why not fix my street, build a sidewalk and make my neighborhood safe so that I can go for walks after work? Why not build hiking and biking trails?

Mayor Cornett, stop perpetuating the myths. Obesity is not an epidemic. Dieting is the epidemic and you need to educate yourself before you promote ideas that can lead to a lifetime of suffering.

Want Oklahoma City residents to exercise and eat healthier? That’s great. Urging them to diet and promoting weight loss programs and products whose validity is questionable at best? That’s just an uninformed, irresponsible politician capitalizing on the diet-craze for personal gain. Shame on you, Cornett.


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It’s Off-Topic Day!

Okay, the previous post was feminism related so I guess its not totally off topic. But this one is! Its about DEODORANT!

Yes, ladies and gents, I am on a deodorant adventure! Lemme ‘splain. No, its too long, lemme sum up!

Being the brilliant mind that I am, I decided to quit using my aluminum-laden deodorant smack dab in the hottest week of the summer. So I trucked over to Akin’s Natural Food store and picked up a deodorant crystal.

Things didn’t go too well. I smelled bad. Like, worse than patchoulli masked BO. It was amusing because no one would tell me either. And I asked them to! Still, I gave it a good three weeks to give my body chemistry a chance to get used to the lack of aluminum.

To no avail. I don’t sweat much so I figured it had to be the weather. I gave up the stench and went back to the old toxic standard.

The whole experience caused my armpits to secede from the union, complete with irritation and breakouts. After six months, all has healed and balance is restored.
And it is now a balmy 40 degrees and I’ve decided to try again. This time, though I tried a Toms of Main product instead of just the crystal.

So, since I knew you’d all want to keep up with my armpit adventure I figured we’d keep score here.

I’m going to measure it in two ways: how much others say I stink and how much I think I stink.

Today is Day 1 of the Great Armpit Adventure.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the stinkiest, I am still a promising 2.

I’ll have to get back to you on the opinion of others. I don’t think it’d be quite appropriate to ask my co-workers. I’ll have to wait until tonight to ask Matt.


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