I am a 26 year-old state employee. I have a master’s degree in Professional Writing, I paint beautiful fat women and I love to knit. I am also a feminist. Define that how you like, but I believe there are as many brands of feminism as there are personalities in the world. Here’s mine:

I am not just a feminist. I am a feminazi. I’m a fascist dictator when it comes to the belief that gender is a social construction and thus, we must actively take part in its construction with the awareness that all human beings are equal.

I’m unwavering in my belief that rape, sexual violence and domestic abuse are systematically supported forms of discrimination.

I make no apologies for my belief that the media, diet industry and medical industry use body image, fashion and health as tools to keep women from being strong, powerful, self-loving entities. I believe that fat is beautiful and that health at every size is the only approach.

I don’t like to leave people out however. I believe that men are equally as strong, beautiful and powerful but have evolved to be protectors and face a growing identity crisis in a world where women no longer believe they need protected. This is an issue that must be addressed in a similar movement among men.

I believe that one person can make a difference, that change is possible, that thinking positively is productive and that every little bit counts.

I am a pro-gay, pro-sex, pro-sex worker, ecological, spiritual, fabric-obsessed, leg-shaving, hair-plucking, hippie, geek, liberal, avid recycler, fat girl, mountain girl, optimistic, pacifist, travelling, self-loving, woman-loving, world-loving and yes, man-loving FEMINIST.

That is my manifesta.

And I expect you to leave your stereotypes at the door.

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