LA Weight Loss–In or Out?

After the new year, I read many fatosphere articles about how LA Weight Loss Centers were going out of business.


Except, twice in the last week, I have heard commercials for LA Weight Loss Centers on TV.  (Heard because at the time, I was getting ready so I did not actually see the commercial).

I’m curious as to why are they still advertising?  Any thoughts?



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3 responses to “LA Weight Loss–In or Out?

  1. You know, I’m not quite show why they are still advertising – but I’m speculating that it’s due to their advertising contract perhaps? Either that or they are still trying to shovel in some more money from helpless consumers. Either way, they suck 😉

  2. L A Weight Loss Franchise Company is still in business in the locations that it operates. The company did not go out of business.

  3. femmeknitzi

    So long as there are people with low self esteem, I’m sure places like LA Weight Loss will always be around. I am sorry to hear it, but thanks for letting us know.

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