GMA and Oprah’s Magical New Diet

Ah, yet again we find the magic of diet marketing. Today on GMA, they had Oprah’s new diet guru, Bob Greene on to talk about the Six Foods you Should Banish from your Kitchen. He even brought a healthy eating contract for everyone to sign. Oh boy!

I found the whole concept hilarious since most of these horrible foods have never been a part of my diet and yet, here I am fat as can be! So let’s examine…

Greene’s six foods to avoid:

Soda is empty calories and sugar, so you have to cut it out. Instead, drink water, low-fat or fat-free milk, or tea. Fruit juices are good too, but remember, fruit juice, not fruit drink.

Transfats. They clog your arteries, they’re high in calories, and they may even make your body store fat in the abdominal area. Aside from being unsightly, it’s also bad for your health. You’ll find these in cookies and baked goods which might be made with margarine.

Fried foods. I mean, even if you use a good fat oil like olive oil to fry foods, anything fried has a lot of calories. Try things that are oven baked instead of fries. There are calories either way, but oven baked has fewer.

White bread. You don’t have to get rid of carbs entirely, but white bread is made from refined grains, which are stripped of their most nutritional parts, so you’re eating empty calories. Instead, we want you eating bread made form 100 percent whole wheat or whole grains.

High-fat milk and yogurt. Use 1 percent or non-fat dairy in their place, which are often just as good, only with lower cholesterol, fat, and calories.

Okay, so let’s see, I’ve never drank much soda, I don’t use margarine in any cooking, I do eat fried foods sometimes when I eat out. I eat out a lot but I don’t get something fried every time, so lets say I eat something fried once or twice a week. Don’t eat white breads or pastas at all and I particularly do not eat any bread with high fructose corn syrup in it. And I either drink skim, reduced fat or soy milk.

So, adding to all that, I eat lots of veggies, drink plenty of water and rarely snack in between meals. By Greene’s and the rest of these deluded diet mongers’ assessment, I should be SHEDDING the pounds, right? Yeah, right.

I’m by no means a paragon of health, but neither do I sit on the couch sucking cheese whiz through a straw. I’m healthy, and I’m fat.

And because I’d much rather have a high eating competence than buy into your concept of health, Mr. Greene (note, not a doctor–or even a fake one), you can take that contract and well…eat it.


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11 responses to “GMA and Oprah’s Magical New Diet

  1. zombie z

    Bob’s got it wrong — juice makes you fat.

    I’m a thin person in a household that refuses to buy anything but whole milk (granted, I don’t drink a lot of it — mostly in cereal); I prefer white bread and LOVELOVELOVE pasta; I don’t think I eat a lot of fried food, but I’m probably just forgetting about it; and I don’t even know what a transfat is, except that it’s “worse” than regular fat.

    Does this mean if I had a Lifestyle Change I could be Nicole Richie (post drugs, pre baby)?

  2. femmeknitzi

    Haha. Too much juice should make everyone skinny because it gives me the runs. 😉

    I have no idea what a transfat is, either. I just know that if we only ate food that had no diet buzz words (i.e., transfat, carbs, etc.) in them, then sooner or later we’re just going to have to go on a water diet.

  3. romph

    you have to actually try to lose weight…to lose weight (see exercising). obviously you aren’t just going to crap the weight off by making some healthier diet choices. despite your complaining, however, he gave some sound advice…common sense, but sound.

  4. femmeknitzi

    Ah, you have come for enlightening then? FABULOUS!

    My advice grasshoppa, is less Oprah, more science.

    You won’t find a reader here of ANY size that hasn’t tried at least 5 or more diets in our lifetimes. We’ve done the kitchen purging, the point counting and the exercising. We all know that even hard work doesn’t ‘crap weight off.’ What we here at Femmeknitzi have learned is that dieting ain’t the answer.

    To learn more, you can start here. Or here. But most importantly, don’t miss this index on why diets don’t work–even when you do everything they tell you to.

    Exercise and eating healthy are great for ya. They don’t make you skinny. And that is the problem with Mr. Oprah’s ‘common sense’ approach.

  5. I believed in water theraphy. 6-8 glasses of water is recomended.

  6. zombie z

    I know romph wasn’t kidding, and was promply PWNed…but please tell me brweb was being snarky.


    Because I can’t possibly believe that someone is so stupid to suggest that people aren’t losing weight because they are dehydrated.

    Maybe fat people don’t know that water exists like thin people don’t know that baby-flavored donuts exist.

  7. zombie z

    Also: the majority of people don’t need to drink any water at all. Despite popular myth, soda, juice, tea, etc, contain….WATER. So do many foods. Technically, any water you add on to that is extra.

    People who are dieting tend to try to “drown” themselves — I certainly did. And that shit will kill you.

    I’ve got a migraine and don’t feel like finding a source; sorry.

  8. femmeknitzi

    I was wondering myself if brweb meant that as it stands or if it was intended to be a tongue-in-cheek; I tried it, it didn’t work type of sentiment. Brweb will have to illuminate that one for us.

    Drinking that much water a day is hard for a lot of people and because its hard, it must be the holy grail of weight loss techniques!

    Its not. I don’t like sodas or fruity things or sweet things to drink. I drink iced tea or water and by the end of the day I have usually downed 60-80 ounces of liquid a day. Guess what…

    STILL FAT! 😉

  9. geekgirlsrule

    Yeah, I hear you. I have a soda about once every month or two. I just don’t like it. But every time I talk to someone about diet, the first thing they say is, “Well, if you quit drinking soda…”

    Yeah, because that one soda every 8 weeks is what’s keeping me fat.

    I’m also really tired of people telling me that I MUST eat more than I say I do, because if I only ate that much and ate that many veggies and salads, well, then I would HAVE to be thin.

    Sometimes I really hate… people.

  10. femmeknitzi

    Most of the fat people that I know eat far healthier than many of the thin people I know.

    This isn’t across the board of course, I know thin people who so solidly believe that they are fat that they eat quite healthy–that is, when they’re not dieting.

    Yet, most people think we sit on the couch sucking cheese whiz through a straw while drinking Jolt.

    Yeah, sometimes people are just ignorant. 🙂

  11. I’ve been following your blog for 3 days now and i have to that say i am starting to like your posts.
    how do i subscribe to your blog?

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